FreedomPop Launches $5 WiFi-Only Plan

FreedomPop, a startup that has cut its teeth selling “free” mobile voice and data services to cost-conscious consumers, is expanding into the WiFi-only world with a plan that sells for $5 per-month.  

Billed as an LTE alternative that allows customers to auto-connect to hotspots that are part of FreedomPop’s WiFi network, the new plan, which offers unlimited voice, text and data, is getting off the ground with a network that spans 10 million hotspots, including an undisclosed number that have been deployed by cable operators.    

Of that total, roughly 8 million are “premium” hotspots, meaning they are closed and require credentials before connectivity is allowed, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO, said, noting that FreedomPop’s new WiFi-facing app will authenticate subscribers to those participating networks.

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