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Fox Technology Group Selects Triveni Digital

Triveni Digital has announced that the Fox Technology Group has deployed the vendor's StreamScope MT-40 real-time DTV transport stream monitor in its DTV lab facility.

"StreamScope is the most accurate and comprehensive solution we have found for diagnosing terrestrial and mobile transport stream issues in real time," said Yves Montané, director of research and development engineering at Fox Technology Group, in a statement. "From a unified user interface, StreamScope provides our engineers with powerful monitoring and analysis capabilities that dramatically increase the efficiency of our broadcast operation."

Fox is using the StreamScope MT-40 to analyze the integrity of terrestrial and mobile transport streams for affiliate stations and monitor new mobile broadcast equipment so it can provide viewers with a better viewing experience on TV or smartphone.

Through a single user interface, engineers can review error alerts, live video thumbnails, cross-table analyses, program guides, detailed charts, dynamic graphs, and system logs in order to troubleshoot and resolve transport stream issues.

"In order to support a mobile transport stream reliably, broadcasters must adhere to a variety of new industry requirements and specifications," noted Ralph Bachofen, VP of marketing and head of sales at Triveni Digital, in a statement. "The StreamScope MT-40 was designed to ease the burden of monitoring multiple terrestrial and mobile transport streams by providing users with a single, user-friendly interface that can seamlessly be integrated into any existing broadcast architecture."