Fox Sports Blitzes For Record Streams During Super Bowl XLVIII

Fox Sports is reporting that its live stream of Super Bowl XLVIII was watched by an average audience of 528,000 viewers per minute, making it the most-viewed live stream ever for a single sports event in the U.S.

The average of 528,000 viewers per minute was up 4% from 508,000 for Super Bowl XLVII on in 2013 and 52% from 346,000 for Super Bowl XLVI on in 2012, which was the first Super Bowl to be streamed.

The usage was also up +109% over the 252,000 average users per minute who watched the 2014 BCS Championship on ESPN.

The stream also produced record engagement, Fox Sports reports, with users spending an average of 47.8 minutes watching the live stream, up 25% from the 38.1 minutes in 2013 and 29% from the 37.4 minutes in 2012.

The peak audience of 1.1 million concurrent users occurred at 9:11 p.m. ET during the 3rd quarter. had 5.5 million unique visitors on Super Bowl Sunday, up 84% from last year.