Fox News Channel Provides Audio-To-Go

Fox News Channel (FNC) is targeting mobile phone users with a new service that will allow them to listen to live audio of FNC's on-air broadcasts through their cellphones.

The service, which will initially be available only to Cingular wireless subscribers for $2.99 per month, is called “#FOXN”, as in the sequence of buttons (#3696) that cellphone users will have to press on their keypads to access the live audio from the cable news network. The technology behind #FOXN is being provided by Single Touch Interactive, a privately held, Southern California firm that specializes in wireless applications.In addition to providing a live audio feed of FNC,  #FOXN will also offer news, business and weather headlines on-demand; ring tones and voice tones; and a call-back service that will alert users as to when their favorite FNC program is about to begin.“We’re excited to offer Fox News viewers a revolutionary new way to access the number one cable news channel,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Vice President, Digital Media Sales and Business Development, FOX News, in a statement.