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Fox to Launch Digital Content Syndication Network

Fox announced Tuesday that it is launching a syndication
network that will allow outside second-screen TV app providers to use Fox's
sync-to-broadcast experiences, which are currently only available in Fox Now

Shazam, Viggle, ConnecTV and NextGuide will gain access
Fox's social, behind-the-scenes and interactive content around Fox shows while
synced to the broadcast.

The syndicated digital network is also designed to allow Fox
to create, manage and syndicate content to smart TVs, connected TVs and
television service providers looking to increase audience engagement. The network
is currently in discussions with providers and will to announce additional
partners soon.

"Fox has some of the most loyal, invested fans on the
planet, so we want them to have the richest, most immersive experience possible
with our shows and our brand partners -- no matter which TV app or platform they
use," said David Wertheimer, president, digital, Fox Broadcasting.
"By syndicating the content we've built around our show broadcasts, we're
extending the Fox experience to viewers across all digital platforms and
providing our partners with new and valuable opportunities around our