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Fox Extends Partnership With Innerscope Research

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Fox is extending its two-year partnership with market research company
Innerscope Research to provide advertisers with biometric engagement
measurements for on-air and cross-platform promotions, the network
announced Thursday (May 13). 

Innerscope's new Brand Immersion Model is a framework based on
unconscious measures of emotion using biometrics, neuroscience and eye
tracking.  The model is the foundation of an advertising research
program the company designed for Fox.  The model is intended to provide
Fox advertisers with insight into evaluating the effectiveness of ads
and placements in Fox content as well as helping the ad industry
understand the roles of TV and digital media in brand equity creation
and conversion.

"We've seen repeated confirmation through various ROI measures that
television's role in building brands and influencing other media is
unequaled," said Fox Broadcasting President of Sales John Nesvig, in a
statement.  "With Innerscope, we hope to take our knowledge and the
industry's understanding of the science behind consumers' connection to
media and brands further."

The Brand Immersion Model was created after four years of research
into how consumers interact with content on various platforms.  It
accounts for factors such as environment, content engagement, screen
size and platform approach to see how those factors affect consumers'
emotional connection to a brand.

The outgrowth of the partnership between Fox and Innerscope comes out of past collaborations, including research for American Idol, sponsored programming in Fox primetime shows and new ad platforms.