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Fox Brings SendUS to 'Gotham'

Fox will be using the SendUS platform for a new interactive “Fan Trailer Contest” to help promote the September launch of one of its big new prime-time series Gotham.

Fans who watch the trailer for the show can recreate a segment or the entire trailer in animated or live-action formats, with the winner getting an invite to the Gotham world premiere party.

The winning fan trailer will also debut on Fox.

Fox is using the SendUs user generated and audience engagement platform to create the interactive experience and manage the volume of submissions.

In a statement, Dean Norris, senior VP of Fox Marketing and Special Operations, explained that they are constantly asking themselves, “how we can evolve our distribution methods, customize content and turn as much of our business over to the fans as possible. SendUs provides a simple method for both Fox and our fans/brand ambassadors to share assets and create compelling UCG-type content. In order for us to reach our goals, we needed a collection platform that was easy for the fan to use and functional for Fox in almost any environment. To date, SendUs has been a very flexible partner and…we expect some very positive results from this project.”