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FourthWall Presses TV Buy Button

FourthWall Media has launched a new
solution-dubbed the TV Buy Button--to help operators boost their revenues from
television commerce applications on interactive TV platforms by making it
easier to buy products and services with a press of a TV remote.

The new TV Buy Button allows subscribers to
make payments through PayPal and is designed to work on the enhanced TV binary
interchange format (EBIF) that operators are now deploying for interactive

"FourthWall Media has deployed applications
like eBay on TV, Yellow Pages on TV and Ad Widget that run on our EBIF
platform," said FourthWall CEO Tim Peters in a statement. "These applications
and others will benefit enormously from having an integrated TV Buy Button
[that allows] programmers and cable distributors [to] find new and exciting
ways to generate revenue. Imagine someday watching your favorite basketball
team and being able to instantly purchase a Mavericks jersey with a simple push
of a button on your existing remote."

FourthWall applications are already used by Comcast
Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and other MSOs and have
been deployed on over 24 million set-top boxes.