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Former News Corp. Exec Charged In Hacking Probe

British officials have charged former News Corp. executive Rebekah Brook with three counts of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice for her role in attempting to cover up the phone-hacking scandal and the bribery of public officials by employees of the News of the World and the Sun tabloids owned by News Corp.

In addition to Brooks, prosecutors also charged her husband Charlie Brooks; her former personal assistant Cheryl Carter; the former head of security at News International Mark Hanna; her chauffeur Paul Edwards and a man who provided security for Brooks, Daryl Jorsling.

In filing the charges against Brooks, prosecutors alleged that she had removed boxes from the archives of News International and attempted to hide documents and electronic equipment from police.

Bloomberg noted that Brooks and her husband issued a statement that they, "deplore this weak and unjust decision" and a lawyer for Carter issued a statement saying she, "vigorously denies the commission of that or any offense."