FNTech Expands With Clear-Com

As part of a push to expand operations and handle larger events, technical production support services provider FNTech has been upgrading its communications systems with Clear-Com.

FNTech made the upgrades to its communication system as part of larger improvements to its audio systems. This included the acquisition of two Yamaha CL-5 Digital Consoles, two Yamaha RIO 3224D Digital Stage Boxes and two Yamaha RIO 1608D Digital Stage Boxes, reports co-owner Jeremy Muir.

To accompany the new sound system, FNTech settled on Clear-Com because of pricing, customer service and the ease by which the system can be set up, Muir explains.

The improved communications are important for doing larger events, including a corporate event they did last year for Facebook, Muir says. “It is amazing how flexible and versatile the system is,” he says.

Over the last year, FNTech acquired two of Clear-Com’s HMS-4X HelixNet main stations with 10 HBP-2X beltpacks each for a total of 20 for the system. Each main station has a HLI-ET2 Ethernet Linking Module, a HLI-4W2 4 wire interface module and a HLI-2W2 2 wire interface module.

They also acquired two Tempest 900 systems with five beltpacks each for a total of 10 for the system.