Fisher Deploys New Streambox Encoder

IP transmission specialist Streambox announced that station group Fisher
Communications is the first U.S.
customer to deploy its new Avenir compact mobile encoder, which the company
introduced at NAB last April.

Avenir is Streambox's first hardware-based encoder to offer both 3G/4G
wireless network bonding for high-quality HD or SD transport in a fully
portable form factor, enabling live or file-based video transport over a
variety of low-data-rate networks. It combines four wireless data cards in a
device that fits in a backpack and is designed to serve as lightweight,
inexpensive alternative to a full-blown ENG live truck.

Fisher is also using Streambox's cloud-based Streambox Live
system to pull video from journalists' iPhones and laptops.

Streambox and Fisher, which are both based in Seattle, have also formed a strategic
partnership to further develop video contribution and Web streaming solutions
for Fisher and other broadcasters.

"The Avenir is the latest in a long line of Streambox solutions
that have greatly strengthened our stations' ability to cover breaking news and
share live video from remote locations in a cost-effective, high-quality, and easy-to-use
manner," said Fisher SVP of operations Rob Dunlop in a statement. "We
were among the first to demonstrate the Avenir's potential by using it for an
actual remote broadcast in our Seattle
market, and its benefits were immediately apparent. In today's environment,
being first to market with advanced technology solutions that expand our
ability to deliver news content to multiple platforms is a key strategic
advantage. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Streambox to
deploy technologies that increase our volume of content and our flexibility in