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F&F Productions Selects Fujinon

Mobile production company F&F Productions has equipped its newest HD truck, the GTX-16, with an array of Fujinon 2/3-inch HDTV field lenses.

The deal builds on a longstanding relationship with Fujinon, whose lenses are used in all the company's trucks. Currently the fleet has about 90 lenses from the manufacturer.

The lenses in the new GTX-16 truck include the Fujinon's XA88x8.8BESM telephoto lens and the XA101x8.9BESM. It also carries four HA23x7.6 lenses for hand-held camerasas well as two HA14x4.5 super wide angle lenses, which are particularly wellsuited for entertainment shows. Many of F&F's Fujinon lenses have image stabilization as well as two-times extenders, and digital servo focus and zoom.
"Compared to other lenses on the market, Fujinon optics technology offers exceptional resolution and colorimetry, with minimal distortion and color aberrations," explained Bill McKechney, vice president of engineering, F&F Productions, who added in a statement that the overall quality of the lenses convinced them to acquire Fujinon lenses for their trucks. Besides the Fujinon lenses, all the trucks in F&F's HD mobile fleet, including the GTX-16, GTX-15, GTX-14, GTX-12 and GTX-11, are outfitted with the same or comparable equipment to allow for maximum flexibility and compatibility.
Other key vendors include Grass Valley Kalypso HD 4-M/Eproduction switchers, Calrec digital audio consoles and Chyron HyperX3graphics. The trucks also carry 12 Ikegami 79EC HD native multi-format CMOScameras with a variety of Vinten pan heads, tripods, and dolly wheels.