FCC Video Security Group Targets Biz Requirements

Taking a few more steps toward a successor to the CableCARD, an FCC-appointed committee on Tuesday began to come to grips with some of the commercial-facing requirements for a new downloadable security platform for retail device that will work with multiple MVPDs.

Group One, the unit of the Downloadable Security Technology Advisory Committee (DSTAC) that has set to work on those commercial requirements, presented in the morning, outlining some ideas about how it hopes to ensure that a resulting system complies with the same legal requirements that are placed on MVPDs.

The group, comprised of 18 individuals from companies such as Dish Network, Amazon, Comcast, Cablevision Systems, Charter Communications, TiVo and Google, is tasked with investigating the successor to the CableCARD, a removable security module that failed to create a vibrant retail market for cable-ready retail video devices, and file its recommendations to the FCC by Sept. 4.

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