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FCC Posts TV Rescan Help Video

Shades of 2009. The FCC has released a new YouTube video to help viewers find their TV channels.

Just as it did in 2009 for the transition from analog to digital, the FCC has an ongoing public information campaign to help viewers whose stations are moving frequencies in the post-incentive auction repack.

Viewers will need to rescan to find missing channels, and may have to do so more than once depending on when stations actually make the move within their assigned phase. The last phase ends in July 2020.

The FCC also has a repack info consumer call center and a TV Rescan web page

Congress set aside $50 million for a TV station repack public information campaign. 

The National Association of Broadcasters has also provided some tools to help broadcasters with the right messaging as they inform viewers about the move of TV channels to new homes.