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NAB Releases Tools for TV Repack Consumer Messaging

Includes PSAs, suggested op eds, social media and much more

The National Association of Broadcasters is offering sample language for TV station news operations to use across the country, but that national news messaging is not about "fake news," but the real news of the upcoming TV station (and some radio station) post-incentive auction moves.

NAB has released some tools to help broadcasters with the right messaging as they inform viewers about the move of TV channels to new homes in the repack.

That includes a checklist, customizable spots, and print and social media resources--banner ads, graphics and even suggested Facebook and Twitter posts. "If you watch TV for free with an antenna, you need to #PlanToRescan.." is one such Tweet suggestion. There are also customizable templates for op eds, letters to the editor, PowerPoints for civic groups, "quick answers" to phone calls about the moves, the above-mentioned sample newscast messages, PSA scripts and more.

"So why is this happening?," reads the customizable newscast script. "Recently the Federal Communications Commission – the agency that regulates the public airwaves – held an auction to reallocate TV airwaves for wireless internet services. Nearly 1,000 TV stations that did not participate in the auction must now move frequencies, including this station."

The government is setting aside money for the repack education campaign--Congress just designated $50 million for that purpose.

NAB has also prepared a letter for stations to send to their congressperson to help them prepare their constituents for the moves, which are happening over the next three years.