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A variety of technologies to streamline broadcast news operations will be highlighted by vendors offering improvements in their electronic newsgathering (ENG) technologies, production automation and workflow management products—that’s what many are anticipating as the International Broadcasting Convention IBC2013 comes to Amsterdam from Sept. 12-17.

“Efficiency remains one of the biggest technological drivers,” says Jeff Moore, executive VP and CMO at Ross Video, which will be unveiling a number of improvements to its production automation, editing systems and graphics systems. “Everyone is looking for ways to do more with the same or fewer resources.”

One notable area will be cellular bonding technologies that send back video over 3G or 4G networks. Avi Cohen, COO and cofounder of LiveU, notes that these have already been widely deployed; LiveU’s products currently are being used by more than 500 broadcasters in 70 countries. “The technology continues to improve,” Cohen says.

During IBC, vendors will be demoing a number of improvements in these systems that will offer better antennas; smaller backpacks; improved features for managing streaming video; and hybrid systems that give users a choice of satellite, bonded cellular, WiFi and other options for sending video.

Dejero and Integrated Microwave Technologies will be showing the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live camera-mounted transmitter that enables broadcasters to transmit video over cellular, microwave, WiFi and satellite connections so they can choose the best method for their needs, says Brian Cram, Dejero CEO.

“People understand that they need a variety of tools in their tool kit to get the best quality video,” Cram says.

From Lens to Studio

Some camera manufacturers will also be showing systems for sending video directly from their camcorders. Earlier this year, JVC demonstrated how its GY-HM650 ProHD can transmit live video over WiFi and cellular networks using a Verizon 4G LTE modem. During IBC, JVC will be unveiling additional advanced streaming features including advanced adaptive error correction, additional resolutions for live transmission and automatic bit rate adjustment.

“Our new Z-mode feature adjusts to changing bandwidth conditions automatically and maximizes streaming video performance,” says Lon Mass, VP of sales and marketing for JVC.

Vendors are also working to reduce the size of equipment needed on mobile operations and expand their ability to handle both traditional video feeds and content from IPconnected devices.

Ensemble Designs will be showcasing its NXP 410 compact router, which is about the size of a CD box. “With HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs, the NXT 410 is designed to make it easy to integrate and switch signals from all types of equipment, regardless of the video format,” says John Pichitino, technology evangelist at Ensemble Designs.

For news operations, such gear will be helpful in handling feeds from Internetconnected devices such as smartphones, and for use in helicopters and news trucks where space is limited.

Prices for newsroom equipment are coming down. Dalet will be offering a 20% cut in the price for its “video server system and end-toend news package,” says Raoul Cospen, director of marketing and business development at Dalet. “Thanks to IT hardware, prices are decreasing all the time.”