Fashion TV HD Hits Skies with RRsat

Global Communications Network is providing uplink, playout and
connectivity services for Paris France-based Fashion TV's high-def
channel FTV HD. The deal puts the FTV HD on Intelsat-805 in the 1080i at
fifty frames per second format with distribution over North, Central
and South America.

Fashion TV CEO Michel Adam noted in a prepared
statement that the standard definition version of the channel had been
available on RRsat's IS 805 DTH platform since 2003 and that the
platform would provide FTV HD channel with widespread distribution in
Latin America.

"Fashion TV has now chosen RRsat to distribute
four of its advanced HD channels comprising FTV HD over North American
and to Dish Network, FTV's High Definition channel to Asia and
Australia, via Asiasat-5 satellite and to Europe, Middle East and Africa
via EuroBird-9 satellite," noted David Rivel, CEO and founder of RRsat
in a statement. "This new contract from FTV clearly attests to their
longstanding satisfaction with RRsat's unique and extensive service