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Facebook Signs Up for New Catalina Cross-Platform Product

Facebook, getting flak from advertisers because some of its metrics were inaccurate, has become the first company to sign up for a new product from Nielsen Catalina Solutions that measures the unduplicated reach and sales generated by campaigns across Facebook and TV.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Facebook also conducted a study of consumer packaged goods brands to understand how Facebook and TV advertising can work together that was presented at the Advertising Research Foundation’s annual conference in New York Monday (March 20).

"Advertisers consistently ask us for better, cross-channel sales effect measurement,” said Leslie Wood, chief research officer Nielsen Catalina Solutions. "To reach this common goal, it will take more than the efforts of individual media companies. It will take the entire industry, collaborating together and with independent, trusted third parties. We're excited to be working with Facebook towards achieving this goal."

The report showed six CPG campaigns. For two, TV had the bigger sales lift. For four, Facebook had the bigger sales lift. But in all cases, the two media together added more lift.