Extreme Reach Launches Cross-Platform Ad Delivery Product

In a bid to streamline the process for cross-platform video ad campaigns, digital ad delivery specialist Extreme Reach has launched its Direct Delivery platform, which the company is billing as the first digital ad-delivery platform to handle video ad campaigns for both TV and online media.

"With the availability of Digital Delivery, we're essentially bridging the gap for advertisers between their TV and online ad campaigns," noted John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach, in a statement. "The automated file delivery workflow makes it easy for our clients to get their video advertising everywhere with the pristine quality they intended wherever it's seen, regardless of the medium."

Currently advertisers must format ads for the disparate video formats for each station, a process that is complicated by the need to deal with online campaigns. Extreme Reach designed the Direct Delivery platform to simplify this time consuming process by allowing advertisers to create a single video that is then automatically formatted for the correct screen.

Debbie Douglas, senior broadcast traffic manager at the Martin Agency, said that the product has "made it easy to manage video campaigns and deliver video creative the way it was meant to be seen. It's like having a straight line connecting our pristine master creative to each of our destinations and cutting out all the unnecessary complications in between."