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Extreme Reach Launches Converged Video Ad Platform

With advertisers looking to better unify their TV and digital operations, Extreme Reach has launched a new platform to help users converge their TV and digital advertising operations and measurement into one system.

In the process, the online suite of tools will streamline workflows and unify campaign measurement of all video advertising so that it can be tracked in one place.

“TV and digital video advertising campaigns are converging, but prior to our solution, companies only had the technology and expertise to support either the TV workflow or the digital video workflow,” said John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach, in a statement.

“Advertisers want to reach their consumers no matter what screen or device they are using. Our video platform enables a highly efficient, unified workflow. It makes it easy for advertisers to run the same, professionally produced commercials across all screens and devices while receiving real-time analytics so they can optimize their campaigns.”

Extreme Reach noted that the new system will help the company address the fact that more media packages and buys are targeting unified audiences through both TV and digital video together and that more than 90% of all video ads that run online also air on TV.