Evolution Rebrands TiVo-Powered Hybrid Box

Evolution Digital, the Colorado-based company focused on independent MVPDs, has unveiled “eBOX” as the new brand of a QAM/IP hybrid box that is underpinned by TiVo’s software, and user interface and search capabilities.

The device, which supports live TV, VOD and over-the-top video and apps on one platform, was introduced last July, along with a deployment deal with WideOpenWest. In February, Evolution Digital announced a deal that enables it to offer the platform to members of the National Cable Television  Cooperative, a group that puts together programming and tech deals for many of the nation’s tier 2/3 MSOs.

Evolution said eBOX trials are also underway with “several tier 2 operators” that it expects to announce in the coming months.

“The rebranding of our IP Hybrid Set-Top Box reflects both the evolution of the company, as well as its vision for the future,” Brent Smith, president and chief technology officer of Evolution Digital, said in a statement. “Over the past year, eBOX has been recognized as the leading device that delivers a compelling entertainment experience for consumers. And by combining linear cable channels and the prominent OTT services with universal search, a unified guide and one HDMI connection into the TV, eBOX gives the consumer seamless search and discovery functionality to easily find their favorite content.”

In February, Evolution Digital introduced eVUE-TV, a soup-to-nuts platform to help MSOs deliver VOD and TV on a unified platform that will have access to a new UI. It runs off of the company’s central content distribution hub in Chicago or  can be distributed through the operator’s content delivery network.