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Ensequence Seeks National Stage With New Interactive Advertising Platform

Interactive television specialist Ensequence said it has developed a network-agnostic interactive advertising system called AdConneqt+ that it claims will provide nationwide reach because it's designed to work across various cable, satellite and telco TV platforms, as well as on connected, "smart" televisions.

Ensequence, which will formally announce the new product on Wednesday, said the plan with AdConneqt+ is to serve as a middleman of sorts between distributors and programmers and offer simplified terms that place a premium on the interactive element that's layered onto traditional 30-second TV ads. That interactive, highly measurable advertising "upgrade" will allow users, for example, to press a button on the remote to request a coupon, a product sample or another form of additional information associated with the live TV spot.

If that sounds familiar, it should. Ensequence played a key role in developing an EBIF-based request-for-information (RFI) system that Canoe, the cable-operator backed advanced advertising joint venture, deployed before the J.V.  scaled back, shut down its ITV efforts, and focused solely on dynamic ad insertion for video-on-demand (VOD). Ensequence said the platform it originally developed for Canoe helped to create the basis of AdConneqt+, but said it has added components and features that will enable it to run on a much broader array of standards-based platforms as well as proprietary interactive advertising systems.

To help simplify matters, Ensequence said AdConneqt+ is rooted by audio content recognition (ACR), a technology that detects the ads automatically and stitches the interactive component on the fly.

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