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Emmy Awards Will Use Yangaroo's Digital Platform

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS)
has inked a multiyear deal to use the Yangaroo Awards digital platform to help
manage the Emmy Awards. The technology will be used for the submission of
entries, review of content and to cast ballots.

The agreement will start with News and Documentary Awards on
Oct. 1, followed by others in 2014.

"Advances in secure digital media management have opened
incredible new opportunities for us to streamline our awards process," said
Malachy Wienges, chairman of NATAS, in a statement. "With Yangaroo we have
found a partner who can truly deliver the type of full-service solution that
will help us as a company better manage all areas of our awards show voting
process, while delivering to our members a very easy to use platform and
interface to maximize the benefits of reviewing submissions and casting their
votes. Their proven success in the awards show arena, coupled with their foundation
in digital media management, makes them the perfect company to help shape a new
digital era for the Emmy Awards."

The work with NATAS will eventually involve handling over
3,500 submissions in 149 various categories with over 6,000 hours of video all
reviewed and voted on by 1,750 judges.

The Yangaroo Award system is also being used by the Grammy
Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), the MTV Movie Awards, BET Awards, the
Academy of Country Music Awards, and the JUNO Awards, among many others.

Yangaroo Awards is a Web-based solution that
uses Yangaroo's Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) platform to securely
link artists, judges, event organizers and auditors. The system is designed to
streamline every aspect of award show management, from nominations and
committee review to voting, results tabulation and auditing.