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Elemental Plays in Comcast’s Private Video Cloud

Shedding some technical light on Comcast’s cloud streaming service for the X1 platform, Elemental Technologies said its video processing and encoding software has been tapped for the MSO’s in-home live TV streaming app and cloud DVR service, which is now accessible in or out of the customer’s home.    

In certain Comcast markets, including its system in Portland, Ore., Elemental’s Live encoding software is riding on Cisco Systems’ underlying, Intel-powered UCS (Unified Computing System) server hardware to deliver those adaptive bit rate video streams, according to Keith Wymbs, chief marketing officer of Portland-based Elemental.    

Those deployments, in data centers, are representative of Comcast’s deployment of a “private” video cloud that enables the MSO rapidly launch the service in new markets, Wymbs explained. That compares to other types of video streaming services that rely on public cloud infrastructures, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

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