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EastLink Selects Scorecard

Canada's largest independent teleco, EastLink, has decided to deploy Scorecard Systems' solutions for analyzing customer behavior and for calculating commissions.

Headquartered in Nova Scotia, EastLink's fiber network offers video, Internet and phone services to residential, business and public-sector customers across Canada.

"The Scorecard solution allows us to better understand how we can continue to refine the customer experience in both our traditional and soon-to-be launched wireless operations," said Deborah Shaffner, president and COO, EastLink, in a statement. "Our data quality, integrity and speed of reporting will be greatly enhanced, providing us with significantly more insight into our customer base, products and bundle performance."

Besides providing better insight into customer behavior, the Scorecard solution will also automate the commission process.

Scorecard's applications have been deployed to dozens of carriers throughout North America and Europe and are used to measure behavior of over 200 million subscribers.