DVB-T2 Patent Pool Launched

A patent
pool for DVB-T2 has been launched by the Sisvel Group, an Italian company that
specializes in managing intellectual property rights, as part of an effort
designed to make it easier for manufacturers to acquire the intellectual
property rights needed to produce DVB-T2 compatible set-top boxes and other

finalization of the DVB-T2 standard in September of 2009 and this new effort to
make it easier for equipment manufacturers to make DVB-T2 compatible gear is an
important development for high definition television in regions like Europe
where digital terrestrial platforms (DTT) have become a popular way to deliver
broadcast and multichannel signals. Unlike the DVB-T, the second generation
standard makes it possible for DTT platforms to deliver HD channels and is
being used in the U.K., France and other markets where the rapidly growing DTT
platforms reaching millions of homes are adding HD channels and content.

"This new
program will promote rapid adoption of the DVB-T2 standard by adding more
transparency and predictability to the cost of IP licensing," said Nick Wells,
chairman of the DVB-T2 Technical Working Group.

holders involved in the pool include the BBC, DTVG Licensing, France Telecom, Nokia,
SIDSA, TDF and Telecom Bretagne. The pool is open to other rights holders,
however, and additional companies are expected to join in upcoming weeks.