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DogTV Collars Comcast SVOD Deal

DogTV, the Discovery-backed network for canines, said it has launched a VOD offering on Comcast’s pay-TV platform.

DogTV said the SVOD offering fetches $4.99 per month via Comcast. That’s a bit of a price break from DogTV’s OTT subscription service, which currently goes for $9.99 per month, $24.99 for a three-month subscription, or $84.99 for a year.

DogTV said the subscription includes original content that, it says, is “scientifically developed and tested” for stay-at-home dogs, and features categories such as relaxation and stimulation for those pups. Programs include Water Dogs, Noise Phobia and Dogs in Cars.

"The secret life of pets is not so secret—dogs need entertainment and enrichment, just like humans. The new DOGTV offering with Comcast has content with auditory and visual stimuli designed just for dogs, and we also have programming for their pet parents as well," Gilad Neumann, CEO and cofounder of DogTV, said in a statement.