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DLNA Launches VidiPath Certification #IBC2014

In a move that will help consumers access pay-TV content on consumer devices, the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has set up a VidiPath Certification program for retail consumer electronic products and announced that over 15 companies are already working to get certification.

The first products are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

The organization has established VidiPath as the new consumer brand for the CVP-2. Those certified devices will make it easier to deliver content from pay-TV subscribers on consumer electronic devices.

DLNA will demonstrate products supporting its VidiPath Guidelines and discuss its certification and branding programs at IBC, Sept.12-16, 2014 in Amsterdam.

“We are extremely pleased to be launching the VidiPath Certification Program, and applaud service providers and CE members for developing the consumer-friendly VidiPath brand name that will simplify product shopping and selection as Certified devices become available later this year,” said Scott Lofgren, chairman and president of DLNA in a statement. “Consumers will know that VidiPath Certified products can stream and play subscription TV content on multiple, interoperable home devices, and their providers will use the VidiPath brand name to identify services that can be enjoyed on these Certified devices.”

The VidiPath Certification program will test and validate the technology requirements for viewing subscription TV content. These requirements include Digital Transmission Content Protection over Internet Protocol (DTCP-IP), HTML-5, authentication capabilities, IEEE 1905.1 and UPnP remote diagnostics, network power save, and adaptive delivery technology to optimize streaming quality, the organization says.

Additionally, VidiPath Certified products are designed to work with and to share media with the billions of existing DLNA Certified servers.

“As products complete the VidiPath Certification process and get introduced into the market, we will be able to provide our services to customers on a growing choice of compatible devices that they can choose based on their unique requirements and preferences,” said Ken Klaer, senior VP, Comcast Cable in a statement. “VidiPath Certified products will provide a standardized platform for our customers, enabling them to enjoy the content they love on a broader range of devices in their homes.”