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DisneyJunior Gets A Mobile Makeover

Disney Channels Worldwide has completely redesigned its DisneyJunior site with an eye towards improving the user experience across multiple devices and has added more than 20 new mobile games and activities for the service's 2 to 7 year old target demo.

"Kids today are growing up with a multitude of devices, so we want them to have the richest, most consistent experience possible with regardless of how they're getting to the site," said Lauren DeVillier, VP of digital media at Disney Channels Worldwide in a statement. "We considered how, when and where kids interact with the site, and designed it to meet those evolving needs."

Key features of the redesign include improved user interface and navigation; optimal compatibility across tablets, smartphones and desktop; and a new tablet-first design targeted to the way preschoolers play.

Improving the way the site works on tablets was particularly important, the company noted, because more than half of all households with kids now own a tablet and because younger preschool kids find it easier to use mobile devices than computers.

The 20 plus new mobile optimized games and activities include "Jake's Never Land Rescue" and "Doc's Interactive Clinic for Stuffed Animals and Toys."