Dish Tunes In To Fandango

Satellite operator Dish Network has launched a new interactive application that will allow its subscribers to purchase movie tickets through the Fandango ticket service with a few clicks of their Dish remote.

The interactive Fandango application, which can be accessed by tuning in to Ch. 100 on the Dish service, is powered by OpenTV set-top middleware. It automatically uses customers' zip codes to search for nearby theater listings and show times, and subscribers with phone lines connected to their set-top boxes can use their Dish remote control and credit card to purchase tickets at Fandango-enabled theaters through a secure connection.

To redeem tickets, customers only need to present their credit card at the movie theater as proof of purchase and no confirmation code is required. Dish subscribers can also use the Fandango application to search theater listings and show times outside of their set-top box zip code.

"Once again, Dish Network is leading the pack in interactivity through our award-winning set-top boxes, and with the addition of applications like Fandango, we are creating new value for our subscribers," said Michael Kelly, executive vice president for Dish, in a statement. "Remote movie ticket purchasing via the set-top box is only the first step. In the future, we envision banner ads for upcoming titles, movie trailers and more for our interactive advertising clients."

"Partnering with Dish Network is a great opportunity for Fandango to extend our ticketing service to a new platform and to continue to provide consumers with even faster and more convenient ways to escape to the movies," added Ted Hong, chief marketing officer for Fandango.