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DirecTV TVE App Optimized for Apple Watch

DirecTV has joined a small but growing group of pay TV providers to extend support to the Apple Watch, giving customers a way to control their HD-DVRs remotely via the new connected wearable.

DirecTV said an update to its TV Everywhere app for the iPhone has stitched in support for the Apple Watch. When paired up, customers can use the Apple Watch to play, pause and fast-forward TV programming, view program titles and episode details of shows and movies offered live as well as those that are recorded to the DVR. The revised app also lets Apple Watch users navigate DirecTV’s on-screen guide.

The company noted that no separate DirecTV app is needed for the Apple Watch, as customers only need to download the latest DirecTV App from the App Store for the iPhone (iPhone 5 or later). However, the updated app does require a “connected HD-DVR (HR20, H21 models and above).

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