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DirecTV Flies Continental

Continental Airlines announced Monday that it has installed DirecTV’s satellite service on 15 of its domestic jets, will give passengers the choice of 77 live channels, and plans to install the service on over 200 planes by the end of 2010.

Continental's first-class customers receive access to DirecTV for free, while the service costs $6 per flight for economy-class customers.

"Our customers are enjoying DirecTV ," said Jim Compton, Continental's Eexcutive VP of marketing, in a statement. "Even in these tough economic times, we continue to invest in product features that customers value."

DirecTV is being gradually installed on Continental's entire fleet of more than 200 Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft, including the 737-700, -800, -900, -900ER and the Boeing 757-300, using a new system that includes in-seat power ports that do not require the use of an adapter. Continental expects to complete installation by the end of 2010.