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DirecTV Checks-In With GetGlue

DirecTV has more closely integrated GetGlue into its TV and mobile offerings, making it possible for its subscribers to check in with GetGlue and change channels to see what their friends are watching.

It is the first time that GetGlue has been natively integrated into the offering of a major pay TV provider.

Enhancements to the DirecTV Social TV App add GetGlue features that allow DirecTV customers in the U.S. to use their remote control to check-in to their favorite TV shows. They can then view feeds of their friends' check-ins and to follow what their friends are watching on the TV.

"Our customers are passionate about their TV programming, and always looking for new ways to engage with DIRECTV content," noted Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and CTO, DIRECTV in a statement. "Our integration with GetGlue provides our customers with the perfect platform to connect with one another."

In addition, GetGlue has also enhanced its iPhone app experience for DirecTV customers.

The GetGlue iPhone app is now able to detect and pair with DirecTV set-top-boxes so that the GetGlue app will automatically detect what's on TV, making it easier for GetGlue users to check-in and share what they're watching.

"We are excited to announce our first partnership with a TV service provider," said Alex Iskold, founder and CEO, GetGlue, in a statement. "DirecTV is a leader in social TV, and with today's integration, we're making it that much easier for viewers to share the entertainment content they love with each other."

As part of the closer relationship between the two companies, DirecTV subs can also use the DirecTV iPad app to check-in on GetGlue and DirecTV customers now have access to exclusive rewards from GetGlue when they check-in via DirecTV's on-screen Social TV App, DirecTV's iPad app and GetGlue for iPhone.