Digital Views Spiked on Super Bowl Monday

Once the Super Bowl ended, fans turned to their digital devices to consume content and engage in conversations about the game – and the water cooler moments,– at least on Sporting News Media.  

On Monday and Tuesday following the game, total video views rose nearly 50% as fans sought out game highlights, video analysis and commentary, the site said. Monday’s consumption of pro football video content more than doubled from Super Bowl Sunday (up 114.8%). The two days following the Super Bowl, there were over 10 million pro football video views, an increase of 95.6% from the previous year, Sporting News said.  

Content surrounding the critical Malcolm Butler interception was expectedly among the most viewed after the game, but other top videos viewed included content related to Tom Brady’s legacy and whether he has surpassed Joe Montana in the “best-ever” argument after winning his fourth Super Bowl, the site said in a release.  

Sporting News said the data came from its SN ePlayer network, which it said reaches more than 30 million sports fans and serves up more than 400 million streams in the U.S. each month across 350 sites. 

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