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'Detroit 1-8-7' Shot with Panasonic Camcorders

To achieve a more cinematic look for the new ABC crime series, Detroit 1-8-7,
the director of photography Lisa Wiegand is using Panasonic's high end
AJ-HPX3700 P2 HD VariCam camcorder. The show being entirely produced in

Wiegand noted in a statement that
she'd worked with the HPX3700 camera before and "decided that [it] was
ideal for the vérité aesthetic of Detroit 1-8-7. Except for
occasional long-lens or car-mount work, our operators are consistently
shooting handheld, and the HPX3700 is more lightweight, streamlined and
faster than video cameras with heavy decks on-board."

number of the camera's features, such as variable frame rates and
subtle tone control, help achieve a cinematic type look for the show.

advantage was the P2 workflow, Wiegand noted. "It is easier and more
immediate than tape and the production team appreciates being able to
watch a take right away."

For the HD shoot, the
high-end camcorders provide very high quality imaging with 10-bit 4:2:2
AVC-Intra recording and Dual Link RGB 4:4:4 output and a "great dynamic
range," Wiegand also noted.