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On Demand: Content Changing Along With Consumer Demands

New York — A diverse panel of programming executives discussed the changing landscape of consumer engagement with content at the On Demand Summit in New York Thursday.

Rob Barnett, founder/CEO of Omnivision Entertainment, explained that consumers are increasingly seeking shorter content, released at a more rapid pace.

”We’re living in a world now that can move very very fast, as opposed to the world that I worked in in television, which can move very slow,” said Barnett.

Barnett founded Omnivision in the early days of online video content, an area which he claims has been made much more widely accepted by advertising and media professionals, as well as consumers since Netflix’s debut of House of Cards.

Richard Wellerstein, VP of content for AT&T U-Verse, explained that the telco has attempted to make all episodes of current seasons of television programs available via its on demand service.

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