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Deluxe, Signiant Collaboration Delivers ‘Avatar' Internationally On Time

Deluxe Digital Studios has credited digital supply chain management company Signiant with providing the high-speed technology that enabled Deluxe to meet the extremely tight international day and date release date of blockbuster film Avatar last December.

Working with Signiant, Deluxe securely coordinated dubbing reference materials for actors' lipsync dubbing work in 18 international languages. Signiant used the same software to immediately deliver dialogue tracks for centralized mixing in Los Angeles and London.

"We could not hit these tight deadlines without Signiant," said Deluxe VP and General Manager Ron Horwitz. "A typical dubbing reference package is roughly 10 GB. With Signiant, we were seeing speeds of less than thirty minutes around the world, which is huge."

Deluxe is a provider of entertainment industry services and technologies for major Hollywood studios and maintains an international client base. The company is an industry leader in digital cinema packages and subtitle creation. Deluxe has won 10 Academy Awards for its technical leadership.