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Deluxe Offers Up New Broadcast Services for MP & Silva

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has expanded on its partnership with sports rights distributor MP & Silva to provide new broadcast delivery services that will bring European sports properties to viewers in Asia, using the public internet, the companies announced May 25.

Beginning in June, Deluxe’s broadcast delivery network (BDN) will help deliver live sports broadcasts from London to Singapore, with MP & Silva able to access as many as 16 live broadcast signals simultaneously. MP & Silva aims to use Deluxe’s MediaCloud — which offers content prep and delivery for linear and OTT content — to reach multiple broadcasters via one output channel.

“We have seen extremely positive results from bringing American football content to broadcasters in Europe with Deluxe’s solution and this is the next logical step in our efforts to create high level efficiencies around our content worldwide,” said Emanuele Montoneri, head of global solutions for MP & Silva. “The cost-efficiency that a software-defined platform gives us is significant: we experience a 30-50% savings on average with full league distribution, and can increase quality with virtually no increase in cost.

“We’ve learned that good content management is key to keeping broadcasters, federations and leagues happy, and the technical flexibility of Deluxe MediaCloud is critical here.”

Maurizio Cimelli, GM of Deluxe MediaCloud, added: “The team at MP & Silva recognized early on that the Deluxe BDN would be key in their ability to exploit their content in Asia much more quickly and cost effectively than they ever could traditionally. They have been a fantastic, forward-thinking partner and we’re pleased that they’ve seen value in building on this vision to expand the reach of their content around the world.”