Deluxe Adds 4K Features To On Demand Platform

Deluxe said it has added 4K-facing features and workflows to its cloud-based video-on-demand platform for service provider partners.

Deluxe, a partner for DirecTV’s recently launched 4K offering, said the 4K/Ultra HD enhancements added to its cloud-based Deluxe OnDemand platform include digital re-mastering and processing using HEVC/H.265 as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, such as those that will support Dolby Vision, a proprietary HDR system.

Other 4K-facing enhancements include ingest and re-mastered source files, support for adaptive bit rate transcoding and video packaging for a variety of device types, as well as on-net and off-net network hosting and delivery options, the company said.

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