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DataCheck Expands LatAm Operations

DataCheck (DC) has expanded its Latin American and
pan-regional market research offerings with the introduction of SpendCheck+.

The research monitoring tool uses video fingerprint
technology to provide media agencies, advertisers and networks with market
media intelligence.

The service provides real-time reporting, 24 hour a day
monitoring of 128 open TV and pay TV channels throughout the region.

It also monitors regular commercials, cross commercials,
interstitials and short branded content and provides reports encompassing 83
advertising categories, spanning over 500 associated brands.

"The service delivers real-time diagnostics which generate a
99% accurate digital fingerprint to analyze any video source," said Lourdes M.
Espinoza, DC's founder and CEO, in a statement. "This unparalleled solution
will allow SpendCheck+ to deliver more actionable and precise data that clients
will be able to use to develop competitive media strategies based on activity
and investment."

The company is also introducing a web-based
dashboard application that provides clients with the ability to process data
from SpendCheck+ and create customized analyses.