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CWA Praises Puzder Exit

The Communications Workers of America were celebrating Wednesday following the withdrawal of the nomination of fast food exec Andrew Puzder from consideration for labor secretary. He was to have testified at a Senate confirmation hearing Thursday.

Puzder, who reportedly took himself out of the running, had come under criticism from Democrats and some Republicans and was the target of a TV ad campaign Wednesday urging that he not get the post.

“The withdrawal of Andrew Puzder for consideration as Secretary of Labor is a victory for working families and demonstrates the power of grassroots resistance and mobilizing against corporate greed," said CWA in a statement.

“Puzder was an outrageous pick for Labor Secretary and to head an agency responsible for promoting 'the welfare of wage earners, job seekers and retirees.' His long record of public statements and action opposing a fair minimum wage, overtime pay and other basic policies that support working families made him an unacceptable choice.”

CWA had said back in December that the CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr was not likely to protect the rights of the 700,000 communications workers—including in cable, broadcast, news and telecom—that it represents.

Allied Progress, which was behind the anti-Puzder TV ad campaign was equally pleased. “This fight wasn’t just about Andy Puzder and his record of mistreating workers and shocking personal history – it was a repudiation of the anti-worker policies championed by the Trump Administration,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.

The Parents Television Council was relieved.

"Andrew Puzder is a business executive who has repeatedly and delightedly sexualized women in his corporate marketing campaigns; and he fiercely and publicly defended his conduct against those who decried it," said PTC President Tim Winter. "While the PTC took no position otherwise on Mr. Puzder’s qualifications to serve as the U.S. Secretary of Labor, the notion that he would serve in the President’s cabinet was vexing.  We hope Mr. Puzder’s decision today to withdraw from consideration serves as a reminder to him – and indeed to other corporate leaders across the nation – that irresponsible corporate conduct is a direct reflection of one’s values."

Puzder's exit comes less than two days after Donald Trump's national security advisor Michael Flynn exited over his calls with Russian officials prior to the election.

It also follows a judge's release of documents relating to Puzder's divorce three decades ago and his wife's allegations, at the time, of domestic violence. She went on the Oprah show to talk about that abuse allegation, which she has since retracted, and CNN reported that legislators had been shown that footage.