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Current Taps SnapStream

Current TV is tapping into SnapStream's TV search server for its InfoMania half-hour satirical news show.

The server acts like a DVR and grabs TV clips from cable and satellite feeds for use in the show.

The move follows the announcement in December that two more high-profile half hour satirical news shows--Comedy Central's Daily Show and Colbert Report were using the SnapStream solution, which enables them to record and store "thousands" of hours of TV.

According to SnapStream, Current TV actually bought two servers, one for their San Francisco office to track media mentions of the channel and create content for corporate video and news feeds.

Other customers of SnapStream, according to the company, include NBC, WABC New York, Comcast Entertainment; and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration (to monitor political coverage).

Glen Dickson contributed to this report.