CuriosityStream Goes Global

CuriosityStream, the over-the-top subscription VOD service from Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks, said it now selling the ad-free offering around the globe. 

CuriosityStream launched in the U.S. in March 2015 with a “Basic” standard-definition tier for $2.99 per month, and a “Standard” offering in HD that runs $5.99 per month. On the international side, the service starts at $3.99 for SD and sells for $6.99/month for HD. CuriosityStream plans to launch a 4K offering in 2016.

Following its recent launch on Roku, the service also supports Web browsers, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets,  the Google Chromecast adapter (for its Android apps), and the Apple TV (via AirPlay).  CuriosityStream s is also looking to bring its service to smart TVs and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

CuriosityStream hasn’t disclosed subscriber numbers, but the service is seeing 20% sub growth week-over-week, an official said recently.

Its content partners include BBC, NHK, ZED, Terranoa, ZDFE, Terra Mater and Flame, and titles from various producers around the world include Innovation Nation (USA); Tales of Nature (France);  Destination Pluto (USA); and Next World and Cosmic Front (Japan). Its library currently consists of more than 1,000 programs.

“Unlocking all of this incredible content for worldwide viewers to easily access and enjoy is our ultimate goal,” said Elizabeth North, president of CuriosityStream, in a statement. "We saw an opportunity in the marketplace to offer high quality programs that are mobile-friendly and appeal to a wide audience hungry for science, nature and history programming.”