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CuriosityStream Launches Roku Channel

CuriosityStream, the over-the-top subscription VOD service from Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks, has expanded on the device front with the launch of a channel for Roku players and integrated Roku TVs.

CuriosityStream launched on March 18 and currently offers a “Basic” standard-definition tier for $2.99 per month, and a “Standard” offering in HD that runs $5.99 per month. When plans for the CuriosityStream first came to light in January, it also announced that it would eventually offer tiers that deliver content in the 4K format.

Support on the Roku broadens the service’s access to TV-connected platforms, as Roku has shipped more than 10 million players in the U.S., and was the top seller in the category in 2014, according to Parks Associates.

CuriosityStream, which also supports Web browsers, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets,  the Google Chromecast adapter (for its Android apps), and the Apple TV (via AirPlay).  Per the CuriosityStream site, the service is also considering expansions on smart TVs and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Earlier this month, CuriosityStream announced to subs that it had launched a new video player that uses HLS streaming and features shortcuts users can tap into when hovering over the player (for example, the space bar can play/pause video, and the “m” button mutes the stream’s audio). 

CuriosityStream has not released subscriber numbers, but the service seeing 20% sub growth week-over-week, according to a spokesperson, noting that the service has also doubled its library since launch.

CuriosityStream came online in March with a library of more than 800 titles in categories spanning science, technology, civilization and the human spirit. Titles offered include A Curious World, Destination Pluto, Age of Robots, Mars: The Journey, and Dark Secrets of the Cosmos.

“Making CuriosityStream available on the Roku platform is an exciting next step in our evolution as a service, captivating curious minds with quality nonfiction programs,” said CuriosityStream president Elizabeth Hendricks North, in a statement. “Since launching just a few short months ago, our growing media library continues to enchant our subscribers with meaningful documentaries on the topics that matter. We look forward to an equally engaging relationship with millions of Roku customers.”

For more about John Hendricks’s vision and expectations for the service, please see this Multichannel Newscover story (subscription required)