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CREDO Markets Anti-Trump Unlimited Data Plan

Mobile carrier CREDO is marketing an unlimited data plan as a way to fight back against the policies of President Donald Trump, including rolling back net neutrality regs.

CREDO already donates to progressive causes—billing itself as the mobile carrier with a conscience—but it is promoting its plans as providing both unlimited data and a chance to "fight Trump."

CREDO points out that it does not sell its customers' private internet data "to the highest bidder" and is also fighting for net neutrality rules the Trump FCC is rolling back and reconsidering, something it has done before.

It also opposed the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

“CREDO offers the only unlimited data plan that will fund the Trump resistance with your monthly payment,” said CREDO CEO Ray Morris.

CREDO says it has donated over $83 million to progressive causes since 1985.