Creator Profile: How Viral Video Master Ellen DeGeneres Conquers Facebook

B&C has teamed up with social video analytics company Tubular Labs for a recurring look at how various content creators are deploying video to reach audiences online. In this edition, a look at how Ellen DeGeneres, host of the Warner Bros.-distributed The Ellen DeGeneres Show, stays relevant on social media platforms and provides a ray of sunshine in an often turbulent media landscape.

Creator Profile & Essential Stats

Name: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Genre: Entertainment

Followers: 29.5 million followers on Facebook and 23.5 million subscribers on YouTube

In February, Ellen was the fourth most-watched video creator in the U.S., according to Tubular, with 381.8 million views on Facebook and 394.8 million views on YouTube. Tubular video rankings are often dominated by digital-native media brands (e.g., video blog Worldstar Hip Hop was No. 1 in February), but when it came to videos specifically from TV-industry creators, Ellen was in first place.

Now, a closer look at Ellen’s performance on Facebook: Her most-viewed video on the platform for the month is titled “Portia has given me the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.” The clip, which features Ellen’s wife revealing the she has built a wildlife research camp and started a fund in her name, has amassed 27.2 million views to date since it was released on Feb. 1.

The Ellen video at No. 2 features social media star Kalen Allen of “Kalen Reacts” offering his take on a unique food item. Uploaded on Feb. 17, the clip has amassed 27 million views to date on Facebook.

Ellen’s third most popular Facebook video for the month is also related to Ellen’s birthday. Featuring a look back at her career and charitable works, the clip generated 21.6 million views to date since it was released on Feb. 1.