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Cox Taps Triveni Digital For Mobile DTV Rollout

Media Group has deployed Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder Mobile metadata
platform at its first five stations to launch mobile DTV services, including
CBS affiliate KIRO Seattle; Fox affiliate KTVU Oakland/San Francisco; and ABC
affiliates WSB Atlanta, WFTV Orlando, Fla., and WSOC Charlotte, N.C.

Cox stations were previously customers of Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder
product for inserting PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol) into ATSC
digital TV broadcasts. GuideBuilder Mobile is an extension of that software
system which share the same user interface but generates the ESG (Electronic
Service Guide) data that is required under the new A/153 mobile DTV standard.

"It's kind of
like PSIP for mobile," says Sterling Davis, CMG's VP of technical operations.

The five Cox
stations have been broadcasting mobile DTV on-and-off since last fall, using a
preliminary version of the mobile DTV standard, and used the Triveni Digital
system to upgrade to the final mobile DTV specification in the past few weeks,
says Davis. The
stations also invested in Harris multiplexers, encoders and exciters to launch
mobile DTV, as well as software from Roundbox that enables interactive
applications, which Cox plans to test later this year.

The stations
are mostly simulcasting normal programming on their mobile DTV streams, says Davis. In markets like Orlando, San Francisco and Charlotte, where Cox has
duopolies, they are carrying mobile streams from both stations.

Cox, which owns
15 stations in 11 markets, doesn't have any plans to launch mobile DTV at other
stations this year, though more launches in 2011 are likely. Davis wouldn't disclose how much of Cox spent
launching mobile DTV at the five current stations, but indicated it wasn't a
trivial investment.

"That was a
pretty big bite," says Davis.
"No other group did five."

For now, the mobile DTV broadcasts are basically an
experiment, as there are no mobile DTV receivers in the market, says Davis. But he expects
that to change in the near term, and predicts that there will more mobile DTV
receivers shown at NAB than at last January's CES show.