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Cox Rolls Out More VOD With Concurrent

Cable operator Cox Communications is using video-on-demand (VOD) servers from Concurrent to launch VOD service in its Tulsa, Okla. and Baton Rouge, La. systems.

The Tulsa and Baton Rouge on-demand launches, which are using Concurrent's MediaHawk 4000 platform, are Cox’s eleventh and twelfth VOD systems using Concurrent software and equipment. The new deployments utilize Linux operating systems and Concurrent’s BMS back office software.

Concurrent estimates that its technology is being used to deliver content to approximately 75% of Cox’s VOD-enabled subscribers.

“We look forward to expanding on our longstanding relationship with Cox in delivering a quality on-demand experience to their subscribers in Tulsa and Baton Rouge,” said Concurrent CEO Gary Trimm in a statement.

To date, Concurrent has deployed over 1 million video streams in 26 countries. The company recently acquired Everstream, a business intelligence software vendor, to expand its cable product offerings.