Cox Prepping Unlimited Broadband Data Plan

Cox Communications plans to offer a new unlimited data plan option later this year as the MSO continues to broaden the reach of a usage-based data policy that it originallystarted to test in Cleveland in 2015, a company official said.

Cox hasn’t announced pricing on its coming unlimited plan. By way of example, Comcast provides an optional unlimited data plan for an additional $50 per month in markets where it currently implements a data plan.

Cox also confirmed that this week it began to notify customers in Las Vegas; Arizona; Louisiana; and Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla., that they will be put on the company’s data plan.DSL Reports said Wednesdaythat customers in New Orleans have been notified that they will be put on the MSO’s data plan starting July 6.

Under thatdata plan, Cox charges subscribers $10 for an extra bucket of 50 Gigabytes of data when they exceed their monthly data plan. Currently, Cox sets that monthly data ceiling at 1 terabyte for most of its speed packages, and sets it at 2 TB for customers on its 1 Gig “Gigablast” tier.

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