Cox Makes Home Healthcare Connection

Taking aim at an emerging growth opportunity for cable operators, Cox Communications said it has hooked up with the Cleveland Clinic to form Vivre Health, a strategic alliance focused on bringing home care into the home using broadband and other technologies.   

Cox also said it has also invested in HealthSpot, a company focused on patient and provider-driven telehealth technology. HealthSpot has developed a digital, kiosk-like station and healthcare delivery platform that relies on cloud-based software and is being trialed in several states by healthcare, pharmacy and retail services providers. According to HealthSpot, those stations, which provide some functions provided at traditional walk-in clinics, enable patients to interact with board-certified healthcare providers using high definition video conferencing while providing an array of connected medical devices that stream biomedical information in real time (this video shows a HealthSpot station in action).   

The Cleveland Clinic, Cox's telehealth alliance partner, runs a system that includes eight community hospitals and more than 75 outpatient locations in Northern Ohio. 

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